Mini Boots Makeup Haul

Hi everyone!

Hope that you’re having a lovely Easter and have eaten lots of chocolate!

My sister has just started getting into makeup, so last week we went into town and spent a lovely time in Boots choosing some new makeup for her.  Because of my anxiety, I haven’t been able to go into town very often over the past few months, so I couldn’t resist treating myself and picking up a few things for me.

Beauty blender, contour kit, eyeliner and lip colour, all from Boots.

Firstly, I bought myself a new Real Techniques beauty blender.  My last one was getting a bit grotty so I was very pleased to get a nice new one.

I then decided to get myself a new contour kit.  I have been using a powder contour but haven’t been loving it, so thought I would try a new cream contour and highlighter and so got the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Highlighting Creams.  I have been finding the contour a little bit hard to blend, but think this might be because I was putting too much on and haven’t had much practice at blending a cream.  I’ll keep practising so hopefully I will like this product more!  The highlighter is more of a concealer look, so if you want a bit of a shimmer this probably isn’t the one for you.

I then went to find my trusty Seventeen Wet Look Laquer Eyeliner, but to my horror found that my Boots store don’t seem to stock it anymore (although they do still stock it online).  I was so gutted because I’ve tried loads of other eyeliner and haven’t liked them at all, but my sister suggested I try the NYX Professional Makeup Matte Black Liquid Eyeliner, which has a little brush which is what I always look for in an eyeliner.  I was a bit dubious but I am absolutely LOVING it, possibly even more than the Seventeen one!  The little brush means I can draw super thin lines, and it doesn’t smudge at all.  I will definitely be buying this again!

NYX Professional Makeup Soft Metallic Lip Cream in the colour Madrid.

Lastly, my sister said she was going to try one of the NYX Professional Makeup Soft Metallic Lip Creams and they looked so gorgeous that I couldn’t resist trying them too.  I decided to go for the colour ‘Madrid’ and I love it!  It goes on really easily as a liquid lipstick and stays on well, even after drinking a cuppa!  It did rub off a bit when I had my dinner, but you can easily reapply it afterwards.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little haul; is there any must have drugstore makeup that you use?  I’d love to know in the comments!

Stephanie x


20 thoughts on “Mini Boots Makeup Haul

  1. You’re so pretty and that lip colour really suits you it’s a beautiful shade! I’ve never been a fan of cream contour products I’ve always found them hard to work with but I hope you manage to make it work for you!

    Jess //

    1. Aw thank you! Yeah I’m not too sure about it, I’ll keep trying for a little bit but then might try something else! X

  2. Great post! I love the Real Techniques sponge, it’s so good! The NYX lipstick really reminds me of Kylie Cosmetics ‘Dancer’ Metal lipstick haha I might have to try it x

  3. The real techniques beauty blender is the BEST. I actually like it better than the 50 dollar makeup brushes, and unlike the Sephora beauty blender, it’s much cheaper and is cruelty free. The best part is that it’s so cheap that when it gets dirty, I just throw it away and buy a new one instead of washing it, every lazy girl’s dream 😂

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